Welcome all guests to Med Blue!

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Welcome all guests to Med Blue!

Post  Tennisplayer01 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:55 am

I would like to invite you guest's to come join the Mediterranean blue alliance. Med blue is your gateway into north africa, the middle east, and southern europe. We can help start-ups achieve their goals by offering convenient slots around the Mediterranean that can help you get more earnings. Any questions you may have on game strategies can be answered by some of the most expereinced players in the game. For starting airlines here are some of the perks we offer:
1) Highest fuel assist of 10% (10% discount off fuel anywhere)
2) Lowest collection of 1% (you pay 1% of earnings to the alliance)
3) Make your voice heard! take part in alliance decissions to help bennifit your airline and the alliance
As we grow, you will be able to take advantage of purchase and leasing discounts to help get you aircraft faster and repairs discounts to further lower your ooperating costs!

So come on and join Mediterranean Blue Alliance and kick start your way to the top!

Thanks for taking a look at our Forums! We hope to work with you in the future

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